What does one do with this truth?

If you feel God tugging at your heart, don't resist, it is the Spirit of the Living God leading you to Him. Calling you to a vital, real relationship with your creator.

God has his arms open wide waiting for you, he wants to lavish his love upon you! He loves you enough that he gave his son to die for you, so that you could love and adore Him forever!

Tell God that you know he's asking you to take this gift he has to offer. Tell him you know you've not been perfect, you've sinned, broken the rules. Tell him that you are thankful that he gave his Son so that you could be forgiven and made right with Him.

Tell God that you accept this way he made for you and that you are thankful to receive it. Tell Him how wonderful it is that Jesus who died was raised again to live forever and that you need Jesus to live in your heart today!