Reflections: Amazing


When I came out of the Gym, it was raining hard. The wind was howling. It was now after dark, and it was a ten mile drive home. Starting up the road a lot of thoughts raced through my mind. What if God is real? What if Jesus can save me? If Mom is in heaven will I get to see her again? Old questions and new questions. The year 2000 was only three years away. What if it is the end of time? How can I survive without the house? How can I survive a world that's falling apart? Only a mile or so along the way and then the dash lights suddenly came on in the car. I thought, oh no, it's miserable outside. What will I do? I got out to look and found that the fan belt had fallen off. The car was running on what little power was left in a five year old battery. I wasn't sure if I'd make it home.

The church was out in the country and there weren't any service stations or parts stores. And all my tools were at home in the garage. Surely due to the events at the dinner, I found myself saying an awkward prayer. It didn't seem right asking God for His help when I had been so upset for so many years. But I went ahead, "God if you'll help me get home tonight, I'll be so thankful! I just want to see what's on this video tape." With lights and wipers and the defroster running all the way, my 16 year old Oldsmobile made it to the house on battery power alone! To me, it seemed a miracle had taken place.

I stuck the car in the garage and opened the hood to begin working on the fan belts, but then I said to myself, this can wait! I've got to watch the tape!

In the Living room I popped the video into the VCR. The movie was simply titled, "JESUS". As the story unfolded I began to recognize things said that I had heard as a child in Sunday School. Here was an innocent man full of love and compassion for people, healing them, feeding them and sharing his time. Yet, they accused him and condemned him to die like a criminal. He was executed unfairly, yet as he was breathing his last breaths he pleaded," Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do." Realizing suddenly how sinful and hopeless and unworthy I was of His sacrifice I began to cry.

I was crying so hard I nearly didn't hear the knock on the door. I tried to explain to my friend that it was just a really good movie, not saying what I was watching. The visit lasted only a few minutes, and I rushed back to the movie. As the movie concluded, a narrator explained that Jesus died for me, to pay the price for my disobeying God's commandments, and to give me everlasting life as a free gift if only I would admit my need for forgiveness and know with all my heart that God raised Him from the grave and that He lives again. The narrator told me how to pray and I prayed along with him. Unforgettable best describes the night that I found peace with God.