Reflections : changes 


Un-forgettable best describes the night that I found peace with God. I had been invited to a Thanksgiving Dinner by a friend from work given at his church. The afternoon was gray and cool. I arrived at the church to find a large number of people in the Gymnasium, a stage was set up, instruments and microphones in place. I anticipated a big event.

A female vocalist opened the event with songs from her heart about Jesus. She sang beautifully. She was a DJ from a local radio station. Following her was a man who had been an NBC Sports caster. He told a story of how he had been addicted to fame, alcohol and drugs. He eventually lost his job, wife and family. Then he explained that someone told him about Jesus laying down his life to rescue him from death and despair. Hearing this, the sports caster decided to ask Jesus to come into his life. The man was changed and his desire to do drugs and drink was gone! His life turned around and he began a new job. His wife and family were restored to him!

The pastor of the church closed the event with a message that peace, hope and everlasting life is available to anyone who calls on the name of the Lord and believes in their heart that He is alive and ready to accept anyone who comes to Him, no matter what has been in their past. Then my friend and his wife gave me a video tape to keep and a little booklet called, "The Great Adventure". I was strangely moved by the performance and the stories and the outpouring of love from the people who were there. There was excitement in my heart about what was on the video. This surprised me. There was a lot of baggage that I carried.

Growing up in a churched family, I thought I knew all about Jesus. I felt abandoned at 13 because a drunk driver had killed my Mom. My heart seemed broken beyond repair. I was angry and had denied that there was a God, after all, how could He let something like that happen. I felt robbed. Mom wasn't there for my High School graduation, my first job, my first apartment. What was the use? She'd never see me get married and raise a family. I just gave up all those dreams. It was approaching thirty years since the tragedy, and I was still hurting and broken. There had been a great deal of loss since then also. My Dad had recently died and my best friend, my landlady, had passed away. Now I wasn't even sure of where I would be living. I felt so alone. What happened next still amazes me. Something I never expected. I found out what I had all wrong all those years.