the Gallery

Aunt Bertha

96 years old, holding her new grandson, Madison, 4 months old in 1991

Mom. A casual day on the farm in PA.

A casual day on the farm in PA.

Oregon's Haystack Rock.

My sister Linda with her new granddaughter, Victoria!

My friend Jed and Beary-y. Christmas 2000.

My birthday, September 2002.

Linda and Roy's companions, Spud and Sis.

Nevil and Dani Stites. Good friends!

Victoria is growing up!

Tom, Tami and their daughter Sarah.

Mom, Bernie, Linda and I. Memorial Day-1967

The Well

This is on the farm in Lithuania where my Grandpa was born.

Amy and Joy!

Amy and her new little girl, Joy!

Debbie and Beary

Jed's new puppy, Bear-y, in Debbie's arms.

Bear-y grew up!

Jed's new puppy, Bear-y in Jed's arms!

Mike and Tippi!

Mike and Tippi at the G.I. Joe's Picnic in Lent's Park